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Quote: Originally Posted by MamaLisa1 The more sex you have, the more chance of getting pregnant there is....that's a fact. And teenagers aren't notorious for being experts at using birth control. Heck, some adults don't use it properly. Quote: Originally Posted by julielenore I don't want my daughter having sex in my house ever. I would not be comfortable with that. I would be Ok with her having sex, just not in my house. ...
double-post. What is with MDC lately.
Thinking more on this... I don't think she should need your permission. After all, it's her home too. It may not be her "house" (for those who think "my money, my house") but it is her home. Does she need permission to do everything else that is completely, humanly natural? As long as she's considerate about it, as we parents are, kwim?
They will find a place, wherever it may be. It's a heck of a lot better to have sex in the safe, clean environment of home (with plenty of condoms available) than to have sex in the car, park or wherever. I would allow it, and make sure there are plenty of condoms (and foam or other bc) in the house. Conservative or not, sex is a part of her life. Best to face it and make sure she's taken care of, right?
Glad you already decided what to do. My dd (now 11) can start shaving when and if she wants to. She has lots of hair on her legs and I think she looks beautifully natural. I think she's still oblivious to it. My Mom told me no when I asked to shave at around age 11 so I started cutting it with scissors instead. When she saw me, she told me I could shave.
I pretty much agree with what has already been said. My dd is only 11 so I think it's very important to help guide her to make good choices now while I have more influence. I think she will always care about what I think but I remember being a teen where my own choices were more important than my Mom's, iykwim, so I'm preparing for it.
Breasts are no more a part of reproduction and sex itself than any other non-sexual part of our body. They are mammary glands that make milk for our children. They are a part of becoming a woman, yes, but just because a girl gets breasts doesn't mean she is any closer to being ready for sex. My point was that society often confuses breasts with sex, or being sexual, and forgets what their main function/purpose is. Any mother who has been harrassed for breastfeeding...
Wow, wonderful idea! I just hope I can remember it when dd turns 16 (she just turned 11).
greenmama, I wouldn't correlate getting breasts with sex or sex education. I understand that most of our mainstream culture does but, if we are ever to hope for change, we need to teach our girls that their breasts are not sexual objects. It simply means that she is slowly becoming a woman and her body is preparing to feed her babies one day when she grows up and becomes a mother.
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