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You may want to contact www.joyfultiedyes.com she is awesome! Fast turn around time and her work is the best.
I am glad you posted this I was lost.
Quote: Originally Posted by mykdsmomy A Lifebook! http://chosentobeloved.com/ This is my friend's mission right now. She wants to get a Lifebook in the hands of every foster child! So many children move from home to home and dont necessarily get to take their memories with them if they've had several placements before they are old enough to write or journal. Lifebooks serve as a way for children to have an identity and a past (Our children...
Is there anything that you wish the child had when he/she arrived? When I arrived at 18 months to my mother door I had a small bag of clothes that didnt fit right. Is there things that the kids wish they had when they arrived? thanks
Grandma Jacquie's Is now taking applications for people in need of cloth diapers. Grandma Jacquie's is a 501c3 non profit and one of the programs is the Diaper Barn I hope you can let anyone you know about this so the diapers can start getting out there.
I am glad people are enjoying it
I am having a tough time with the kids. there are 5 from ages 1 yr to 11 yrs. They argue Constantly tattle to try to get each other in trouble Constantly at each other Wont turn in homework Failing in school I am trying so hard to stay positive but honestly it isnt working. They have no respect for me and I am tired of it. Please help
Here is a Kozy Wool Co-op Spots Corner is good Ton of wool for sale here and definetly check the TP here I have noticed some for sale.
Diaper Traders www.diapertraders.com
Quote: Lately he has added such things to his repretoire as sticking his finger in my mouth and picking at my gums or pinching a tiny bit of skin on the underside of my arm with his fingernails. If I try to remove his hands and tell him to stop, he thinks it's funny and will laugh and keep doing it. Exactly what she is doing too. Also she picks at my, and scratches in the same spot. I am going nuts.
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