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Jen - I'm finding it hard to be the parent I want to be for my older daughter too. She's not getting the attention she wants, or as much structure or activity as she should be getting. I'm short with her way too often, and she's watching way, way too much TV. But, on the other hand, I know this newborn period doesn't last long and soon enough I'll be able to be more there for DD again. In a lot of ways I think that I feel it more than she does anyways. Darn Mommy Guilt!
DD is six weeks old! We had our final midwife appointment today. It's kind of sad to move on from that milestone but it was a good appointment and everything looks good. DD is now 10 lbs 9 oz and is starting to look and act more like a baby and less like a newborn. I've put away most of her newborn sized clothes and she's pretty solidly in 0 to 3s now.
Ember asleep in a back wrap.   
Nuku - so sorry about all the damage. I hope your family, and the whole area, recover quickly!   Teegan - Monkeykeeper said it better than I can. If it helps, I feel much more competent with the baby this time. It's my older one I feel like I'm failing way too often. (ie. She's in her highchair watching Dora and eating halloween candy as I type this.)   Cloth - we use fitteds 100% of the time and I love them but I think everyone should do what works best for...
Yay Monkeykeeper! I got Ember up on my back for the first time today too. I consider myself fairly adept at wrapping but back wrapping these tiny ones is a whole 'nother story. On the bright side, once I got her up there, I was able to do dishes and laundry while Ember slept on my back so the learning curve is worth it!
Lets see - I have 3 ringslings. I use them around the house for quick ups and downs and when the baby's already sleeping because I can get her in the sling without putting her down. I also like them for running errands because they are quick and I don't have to worry about the tails of a wrap dragging on the ground when the weather's mucky. If I'm going to be wearing for awhile though, Ringslings aren't my favourite as I do prefer a 2 shoulder carry.   I also have a...
I agree. It's probably fine but can be a sign of dehydration. Are you getting lots of wet diapers?
Jend - I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of the Moby, or any stretchy wrap, for that matter. I think they are saggy and hard to really wrap correctly with, and even with the best wrap job, you can't wear them for very long before they feel saggy. Having said that, here's my attempt at trouble shooting: (assuming you are doing a pocket carry - wrap starts centered behind your back, one tail goes over each shoulder, crosses in front, then finishes with a horizontal pass...
My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/carlin.a.johnston   My confession... I have a wrap addiction. lol   I like the idea of a facebook group but hope we still keep this group going as well. I like the forum set up too.
We had our 4 week appointment yesterday and Ember is up to 9 lbs 10 oz. She's 1 month old today, and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.    My only concern right now is that poor little Ember has caught the cold her sister and I have. I hate listening to her cough and trying to judge whether or not I should take her in to get checked out or if I'm just overly anxious.   AnyaRose You need a woven wrap. :) It'll give you way more support and is safe for...
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