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I'm another in the last night sucked group. Sleeping was horrid. I had digestie issues for the first half of the night, and hip pain for the 2nd. I just read an article on avoiding hip pain. It's suggestion was to avoid activities that cause it. Unfortunately, that would mean no more sleeping!   Cosleeping - First, I'll admit that it definitely put a kink (and not the good kind) in our sex life at first. I know sometimes hearing how everyone else had these great,...
What a beautiful baby and a beautiful family! Congratulations Yeeska!
What a great birth story! Thank you for sharing it!
Congratulations!  Way to go mama! I can't wait to see pictures of your big boy!
People have listed lots of great tools already! What really helped me was to concentrate on only one contraction at a time. Even during transition, I could tell myself that I only had to do this for a few more breaths, and you can do anything for that long. Then, between contractions, I really focused on relaxing completely, enjoying the break and not thinking about the next contraction at all if I could. I also focused on not tensing up, keeping my face relaxed, and...
That sounds promising WCM!   Sleep - that's my biggest issue right now too. Between restless legs, getting up to pee, sore hips, nocturnal octopus baby, and the occasional night waking from the toddler, I'm exhausted. DH had had a few drinks the other night and was snoring - he has no idea how close he came to being smothered with a pillow. lol. I really wish my DD still napped, but unfortunately she almost never does. I'm a little worried about how that's going to...
Congratulations! She's so sweet! Enjoy your babymoon!
Oh, that sucks. I hope you find some relief soon! In addition to the nettle capsules, I also read that dandelion root can really help.
Darn WCM, I was really hoping this was it. FIngers crossed that baby is just giving you a few hours to rest before the main event! Sending mega labor vibes your way!
Congratulations! I was so thrilled to see your update! Welcome baby Annabelle! Alli, rest up and heal fast. Enjoy your new baby!
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