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Welcome Hank! Congratulations Motomom! Heal up quick!
What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!
Ascher, just wanted to say that losing your mucous plug is not a necessary precursor to labour. :D I never did see mine prior to DD's birth.
Exactly! And of course, all real research that's been done on the subject says that 40 weeks isn't even right as an average, and it should be closer to 41 anyways, but people still act like that 40 week mark is an expiry date!   For what it's worth Judy, I think in your last pic it looks like your babe has changed positions significantly. Maybe that's a sign that he or she's getting ready to make an appearance!   Whatever else happens, we are all one day closer...
I agree Monkey Keeper! I suspect as a group, Mothering mamas tend to be pretty induction resistant, so very few of us end up induced prior to 40 weeks, unlike the general population!
Motomom, good for you for being patient! It's so hard when we get to towards the end to just wait for our bodies, but I agree with you that when we can, it's for the best.   Ali, sorry you're sick. Just try to give your body as much rest as you possibliy can, and hopefully baby will hold off untill you're feeling a bit better.   Yeeska, great facebook status! I don't think it comes across as rude at all, and if it gains you some relief from being constant bugged...
Wow, congratulations!  I love how your other kids were involved. What a wonderful start to the sibling bond!
Worldshakerz, I hope she goes down for you soon! DD has always been a terrible sleeper, so if she's actually in bed and asleep before 11 without too much fuss I count it as a win. We've had our share of those 1 AM + nights, and boy do you have my sympathy. I think I would have cried if she pulled that tonight.
Carson, He's adorable!  I hope you're feeliing good and recovering well!
Does anyone else ever get the feeling that they have the same conversation over and over with their DH's without ever getting through? I was Skyping DH tonight (he's away for work until tomorrow) and he mentioned that he plans to start his holidays Monday after next (so the 17th, 2 days before my EDD.) We've discussed this at least 3 times before, always ending with me saying that I think he should just wait until the baby arrives and start his holidays then, or there's...
New Posts  All Forums: