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Birth Story added to post 1!
 dmpkmom. You can do this. You'll feel so much better once you reach the other side. Sending so much love and peace your way!
Increasingly uncomfortable contractions from 5 AM  to 9:30 PM staying around 10 min apart, so I guess 14 1/2 hours early labour. Active labour was about 1:45 including about 30 min pushing? Water broke about 5 min prior to crowning.
Sending quick and easy labour vibes your way PrincessJules - after your DH gets home!
Home Vaginal P3G2A1 Unplanned UC 40 weeks 5 days 7lbs 13 oz Female
congratulations Flower of Bliss! It sounds like you had a wild labour too! Hang in there Jules. That baby is going to get here soon! AnyaRose you have a fantastic attitude as always! Your little guy is so lucky to have you as a Mom! I'm typing one handed while Ember nurses so this is going to be brief. We are all adjusting well I think. Ember's figuring out the nursing thing, and I'm feeling physically pretty good except for a perineum that feels like I drove a freight...
Flower of Bliss, hugs to you. That sounds exactly like my day yesterday. I was shocked by how intense each contraction was even though they never seemed to get closer together. I was getting pretty nervous about how long things would last and my ability to cope. As it turned out those spaced out contractions were definitely effective as once active labour started, baby was born in under 2 hours. It felt like being hit by a freight train but once things were up to speed...
  Ember Linnea was born at 11:13 Sept. 24. She's perfect! 7 lbs 13 oz, 19 3/4 inches long. She was caught by her Daddy after an intense 1:45 of active labour, 10 min before the midwife arrived. We are in love!   **** Her birth story ****   September 24th, DD woke me up about 4:30 AM. I got her settled back down, peed for the 100th time and went back to bed. Around 5 I had a contraction, which was not unusual as the last  number of mornings I had had a couple...
Still nothing here. Contractions have been 10 to 15 minutes apart pretty much all day but don't show any signs of getting closer together. I'm getting really frustrated because they are strong and they hurt, but it seems like at this rate this could go on forever. I think I'll have a bath and see if that settles things down enough for me to get some sleep. I'm tired and frustrated and feeling pretty sad. Any excitement that this might be it wore off awhile ago.   I'd...
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