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Jend, you've gotten some great advice, and I can't really add to it, so I'm just going to remind you that right now is the absolute hardest it will be. It will get easier. You are doing a fantastic thing for your little guy and the 2 of you will get through this together!
Oh, I forgot about this thread!   4 weeks 2 days here too! I had some pretty solid contractions early this morning (who needs to sleep anyways?) but only sporadic, non-timeable ones. I'd love for this baby to arrive before 41 weeks, but I'm going to try really, really hard not to get my hopes up.   MamaForever, I hope you're feeling better right away and that baby holds off until then!   MonkeyKeeper, today would be a great day for a baby. :D Hope yours...
Yay!  Congratulations Judy, and welcome Leo!
Congratulations Evi! Welcome Audrie!
Congratulations! What a great birth story!
MissE - great to hear that everything looked good at your appointment! That must be such a relief.   MamanF - Good to hear from you! I think it's perfectly normal to want to block out the world a little at this point. As long as you are enjoying your little guy and feeling good, I think it makes sense just to follow your instincts right now. There will be lots of time for visitors later!   Ascher - sending labour vibes your way too! Hopefully that baby will make...
OMG Amysue, look at all that hair! What an adorable baby!
  Great news Judy! Here are some more "real thing" labour vibes heading your way!  
And bio-FIL, who I haven't seen since last Christmas, walked into my house this afternoon and literally the first words out of his mouth were "Wow, you are gigantic!" Snort. I'm laughing because it's a better option than telling him to take a long walk off a short pier as my Dad would say. At least he's not staying with us. If he was, I'd move out.
Flower of Bliss - those are the most adorable pictures!   Katt - that's really beautiful! I sometimes find   OK, so after not posting all pregnancy, I'm going to post 2 in a row. lol. Not much change since yesterday obviously, but I couldn't resist trying out my retail therapy with DD and thought I'd share!  
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