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Good luck Judy! Try to relax and enjoy your day! Fingers crossed that by tomorrow you'll be holding your baby in your arms!   There are a few mamas we haven't heard from for a few days. I hope you are all too busy snuggling your new babies to post!   AFM, another night of crappy sleep. I can handle all the pregnancy related reasons for not sleeping, but it's driving me nuts to just lie there with general insomnia when I'm so, so tired. I think I fell asleep...
Well, I really hope it works for you (or better yet, that baby arrives tonight and you don't have to worry about it!) It sounds like a fairly pleasant way to spend a day too!
Sending labour vibes, prayers, good thoughts etc your way Judy! Hopefully Baby 5 is listening and makes an appearence tonight! Out of curiosity what's on your midwife's list?
Yeah, it wasn't super fun, especially getting it cut back out.  Despite that, I love the look of hardwood too. Unfortunately none of the original flooring in our house was in any shape to be refinished so it's all been replaced with something more modern.
lol. Unfortunately my hardwood is just laminate, so not nearly so fancy. Jules, it's funny you said that, 'cause I have  a total phobia about sliding on hardwood. I got a 5"+ splinter in my foot doing it when I was about 10 and I don't think I've slid on a hardwood floor since!
I've been terrible about taking belly pics this pregnancy, but figured I better at least get a quick due date shot.  
 Labour vibes coming your way Judy! It's good to hear that your midwife is willing to buy you a few more days, but hopefully you won't need it!   I'm hoping for a check in from Mole and PrettyHippie too!   FlowerofBliss, I'm glad your DH is going to have a good chunk of time off! I was hoping mine would too, but it's not looking good for more than a few days. He's at least promised to take a few days off each week for the first few so I guess that's better than...
Congratulations Mymaya! Sending healing thoughts and prayers Maya's way! I hope you have her in your arms soon!
Congratulation Hyde! She's just perfect!
Congratulations! She's beautiful!  I hope you are feeling well and healing up quickly. You did a fantastic job!
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