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Just as a warning for those with dry or sensitive skin - Funk Butter and all other deodorants, including homemade, that contain baking soda can be EXTREMELY irritating and can cause the dreaded 'pits of fire.' Others seem to be able to abide baking soda pretty well, but for those of us whose skin is sensitive, the stuff is horrible. I loved Funk Butter for a few days, then, BAM, I was in real pain. I tried other brands, and making my own, using less baking soda in...
A New Day, I'm glad the borax is working for you so far. I really enjoy using it. For me it works WAY better than baking soda, and as well as any shampoo or conditioner ever did.
I haven't used actual shampoo for at least five years, and yes, my hair is clean and shiny! 1. Conditioner-only washing (sometimes called CO washing) works great as long as you really WASH your hair well (you know, massage the hair and scalp very well), then rinse for a LONG time. Your hair will actually lather slightly. I don't use any other conditioner afterwards, as it seems redundant to me. You want to use a cheap, light conditioner, without silicone...
I have hyper sensitive, dry skin. The last few months I have been successfully using plain old generic Milk of Magnesia. Yep! It is working great and I am completely odor free. First I used up some we had laying around the house, then I bought a 12 ounce, $1 bottle of Dollar Tree's generic version. It works just as well. Most people are deficient in magnesium anyway, so any that might be absorbed would actually be of benefit to the body. I really like that there...
Here's a link to a place that sells a queen Talalay latex mattress for less than $500. I don't have one, but if I bought one, I'd buy from them as they are the cheapest by quite a bit on Talalay latex products. http://www.foambymail.com/LatexMQueen.html
Try some generic Milk of Magnesia - no kidding. Just smooth some under each armpit, let it dry, and you're good for all day. It works great! I've used tons of natural products, but none works better than this, and a. It's dirt cheap. I am using the Dollar Tree bottle that costs, guess what, $1. b. It's magnesium sulfate! Most of us are deficient in magnesium anyway, so not only is it perfectly harmless, it may actually be nutritionally beneficial as...
I just use a cheese grater. It works great, and is safer than screwdrivers, knives, hack saws or axes. Good luck with your new products!
I use Goo Gone all the time and love it. It is the only thing that removes those awful ain't-coming-off stickers that come on so many products. Many store around here sell it. If you can't find it locally, Drugstore.com has it, as does Amazon.com. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chloe&Coop'sMom I swear by the Spray N Wash Stain Stick. It has a green cap. You can leave on the clothes until wash day... I've been using them for years now and it has always worked fabulously! Yep. I too have used the Spray N Wash Stain Stick for years. I've never found anything that works better.
SARNA is an anti-itch lotion that works well for me, and I am bug bait. Wal-Mart carries it. It used to be behind the counter, but now it is out on the shelf with first aid stuff.
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