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Look up your city or town on the internet. Most of them have a web site. On there you should be able to access information about your water. If you don't find anything on that site, use a phone number from there to call up some city official. They should be able to direct you to the water supply folks who will be able to tell you everything about your water. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by linguistmama I looked up the monoi oil and this site says it's made by soaking tiare petals in coconut oil. Anyone know if plain coconut oil would work too or if the flowers are the key ingredient? http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/so...ct_id=oilmonun Thanks for all the suggestions! Plain coconut oil works just the same, and costs a lot less.
I don't know anything about those covers. They sound awful. My understanding is that latex mattresses don't off-gas, and are very healthful and comfortable, but not cheap. I found one source online that offers the best prices I have seen. Here's a link: http://www.foambymail.com/LatexMTwin.html I hope you find something that works great for your child!
That's nuts. I wash my hardwood floors all the time, with absolutely no problem. You shouldn't leave great big puddles of standing water, but if you mop in the usual slightly wet/damp way, your floors will be just fine (and clean.)
In my house we mostly have oil-based stains to deal with (food). I use 'spray-n-wash' STICK (not spray) on any stain, and the stains are usually gone with one regular wash. You just paint the stuff on, as though you were using a very fat crayon, and the results are great. None of the other brands work for me.
I just use a humidifier, but I know some folks put a pan or bowl of water near the heat source in the bedrooms. Some of the water will evaporate into the air.
I agree with Flutterbee, the Long Hair Care site (often referred to as LHC) is great. Everyone there has or is trying to have long hair, and we discuss various ways to care for it and to style it.
Quote: Originally Posted by swd12422 Be careful with the baking soda.... My pits became VERY sensitive to it and it looked and felt like they had burns in them! ... I agree completely. For many people baking soda can cause 'pits of fire'. If you start to react at all, stop the baking soda quickly. Some can tolerate it just fine, but use caution in case you are one of the sensitive ones.
You can buy or make something called "warm windows." I have not used them, but they look like a nice alternative. I have seen the supplies in JoAnn Fabrics. Here's a link in case you want to check them out: http://www.warmcompany.com/wwpage.html I hope you find something that works well for your situation.
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