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Oh, and I should add that I know someone who used Randi Bigelow (on the list on the above link) as a doula and thought she was great. I am pretty sure that she has attended births at the Birth Center in Wellesley. She was my natural childbirth instructor and I liked her even keeled approach.
Maybe this link (http://www.welcomebaby.com/Resources/MA.htm) can be of help.
I saw that episode of QEFTSG and thought the gu looked tons better. It's nice to see a man get a makeover for a change. So many things that they say just make me roll my eyes, like about the proper way to care for your skin but I try to be kind of low maintenance and the life-style advocated by makeover shows usually is more high maintenance. I still like them though. I saw TLC's version of faking it where a harvard educated woman tried to pass for a pro cheerleader...
One season when it was set in Boston I watched the real World. But all of the other shows here I've never seen. You left out a whole bunch of shows that I consider Reality TV. I like Trading Spaces and basically like many of the other similar type shows like Pros & Cons, What not to wear, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. OK, they are extremely superficial and heavily edited but I still think they're fun if taken with a grain of salt.
I actually saw the caul cominf out intact with my ds. It was a strange experience but the MW and nurse told me about the drowning superstition. I did have a short and relatively easy labor (didn't realize I was in labor until I was told so) but some water did come out of me at the beginning so something broke.
So sorry. It can be so disappointing when you've gone to so much effort to do something, only to later have it not seem to be appreciated. At least she said that she was too lazy instead of saying that she hates the thought of using cloth diapers. I would hold onto that stash for just a couple of weeks longer. It sounds like your SIL was really busy of late and perhaps the thought of washing dipes on top of everything was a little much, especially for someone who is...
Is there anyone who sells a pattern for a pocket dipe? I can't sew but one of my friends has a sister who does. She liked the look of the Fuzzi Bunz that I gave her and wondered if her sister might be able to make something like it. So is there a pattern already out there or will she just have to experiment on her own? Thanks so much!
I am going to visit a friend who is interested in CDing. I got a new Fuzzi Bunz for her in size small but I have no infant prefolds at home to stuff it with. Do you think it would be OK to ftuff it with 1 or 2 hemp doublers? I've never used them by themselves so I'm not sure the thickness but I hate to give her just a cover. Thanks for the help!
Wow, I had never seen this comic strip before. What a way to brighten up a Monday. Thanks
Here's a link to an article about Peroxide and Vinegar. Apparently the combo of sprays, first one and then the other combining on the surface to be disinfected is more effective than bleach. http://www.mercola.com/2001/jul/21/vinegar.htm
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