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I will post pics tonight of me wearing it and let you guys see. I'm in a size 3.
I need some serious help. I got a Hotsling and the brochure is not helping me at all. I can't get the baby in there at all w/out feeling like she's going to fall out and the back and shoulder part aren't tight on me at all. Can someone try and walk me through it or something?
I just had my baby 4 days ago. She has a VERY strong sucking reflex but she only opens her mouth a tiny bit no matter what I do and as soon as she gets something in there she chomps down really hard. Her jaw moves up and down when sucking not a rolling motion and it HURTS. I am seeing a lc tomorrow morning but I've been only pumping for her for 2 days and get almost 2 oz. per side every 3 hours so she's only getting breast milk but now pumping is starting to hurt. I get...
My DD is being eaten alive by fleas. All of our animals get flea protection monthly and none of us have any bites but we've found fleas on her. I have vacuumed and scrubbed the whole house but I think they are in the carpet and stuff. We are planning to have someone come out and take care of the house but I need to know what I can put on her so she stops getting bites? She's miserable and I feel so bad for her.
They were around when DD was in cloth but I never got any. Anyone recommend them or not?
I am more gung-ho about CDing again on a daily basis! I need links to all the awesome pocket diapers out there please! Thanks
Adorable!!! ]
I have small babies. My DD didn't weight 8 pounds until she was a little over a month old. I see that most diapers start at 8 pounds. Would you order the x-small size or just not CD right away?
What would you say are the more trim inserts for pocket diapers? Absorbency is also a factor. I have only used Joey Bunz or Hemparoos in the past and now see there's more choices.
I use a Vera Bradley bag for mine. It's technically luggage but it's got 6 pockets inside. I use their " Miller bag" You can google it and see if you like that kind of thing or not!
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