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please 2WW Well really, 3 day wait if I start AF on time or at all. My temp has been high the past couple days..98.2, 98.5, 98.6. My boobs hurt so bad and I have bad acne like a 14 year old. Guess I'll know this week...
@Kita4 I hope you're feeling better
Welcome and one dr I was seeing made me feel super old(34 turning 35 August). She said women aren't meant to have babies past 30.
25-27 days. AF was really short this month spotting, 2 days normal, then spotting. I do have OPK test...I may just use it just to see
I am. I just wrestle with it. We BD last night, idk. My temps are being real weird
Rosie glad you are ok with your appointment. I'm glad your RE didn't harass you about age like mine did to me. I'm kicking myself. I wish I would have tried harder this month.
I'm sure my iron is low. I did take baby asprin with the clomid last month.I am on cd10. I pretty much think I O'd yesterday or even today. Bloated, low back ache, acne, crampy pain and my temp dropped to 96.63 this morning. I feel so much happier not stressing about TTC...but I haven't seen DP in over a week so this month shall just be a month off.Welcome!congrats!!!Again FX for those in the 2WW, sticky baby vibes for the BFP's. Prayers for everyone else.@rosie2727 isn't...
waiting to o very very torn right now. I keep looking at my Clomid and 50% says go for it and the other 50% says no
So I am full AF. Congrats to the BFP's!!!
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