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Thanks ladies! I looked, but wasn't finding it, and I figured you all would know. I'll probably still lurk in this DDC for a bit, and check on you guys. Good luck to you all!!
Is there a TTC after a loss thread somewhere?
How exciting! Congrats!!
I'm done here too. Good luck, mamas!
Cramps have let up since I took some ibuprofen. TMI: I just passed tissue of some sort.... Today would be 5 weeks. No plan for u/s or labs.
Mine looks and feels like a period now. Hopefully I'll join another DDC again soon.
My spotting has continued, but doesn't actually go onto the pad, except maybe a tiny spot or two. This morning, my pregnancy test is still positive, but when I peed in a cup to use the test, it was red. Also, there's blood on my pad and it drips out when I'm on the toilet. Sorry for TMI.
My pink spotting stopped last night, until this evening when it came back, except red. I'm not feeling confident at all.
So, so sorry for your loss, Rosie!!
Mine has decreased for sure! Our family has been battling a cold for the last week, and while I don't like being sick, I'm not minding that it's an excuse not to have sex...(except I will feel guilty when we are all better and I still don't want to lol) I'm not nauseous, I just don't feel like having sex.
New Posts  All Forums: