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I am still waiting for my surgical consult and the pain is really getting me down. I don't want surgery, but it seems like it would be hard to avoid it at this point.  My husband will be going out of town to see his family on the east coast in a couple weeks, so I am holding my breathe to get more information.  So many internal struggles...feel like I am letting everyone down, wondering if I will ever run, ski, hike again, not knowing when things will get better.  It is...
Help Mamas. I have an L5-S1 disc extrusion into the foramen causing nerve compression. I have numbness and pain in my left foot/ankle/shin. The pain came on at work and so workers comp is sending me to a surgeon. Please share your words of encouragement and/or suggestions for natural healing. I have had tons of acupuncure without any relief. I tried massage, but I cannot lie down without pain, so it was not very helpful. I have an appointment for cranio sacral next...
I have dark blonde hair and in October I used some hair dye at an attempt to go plum/purplish (first and only time I have every dyed my hair)...anyway as it wore off now my hair is reddish.  I get compliments, but I don't like it and would rather be darker, even brunette.  I would like to avoid dyes and or long/all day treatments because I have three very active boys (6, 4, and 2).  Is there something I can use in the shower? Like a shampoo/conditioner with coffee, tea,...
We purchased a "nearly new" birth tub from aquadoula for our third birth and now we rent it for $200/month!  We love the extra income and being part of the birth community.
We turned off our land line phone service, saved $25.  Then, we switched our cell service to metroPCS and cut our cell bill in half!
eBay!  We have started to buy/sell more on ebay.  When the kids really want something that would be considered a luxury, we look around the house and list items on eBay.  When we make enough paypal funds to get new toys, we buy preowned!
You know, you remind me that once I ran all my diapers (after they were clean) through the dishwasher (something I read here) and really go a lot of stink/build-up out of them.  I bet it is the hot water! I am going to do that tonight!  Thanks!
I stopped eating soy when I was pregnant with #2 (Midwife's suggestion plus read some compelling literature at the time.  My question is should I only avoid while pregnant? I have been avoiding with the occasional edamame or tofu dish. I have been restrictive for my kids, but they are suddenly very much into tofu dogs and I am not sure if it is ok for them to have them everyday or just occasionally.  Plus, sometimes they want to eat bars with soy or other packaged food....
DS#3 has the worst smelling diarrhea ever!!  I used a little bleach, still stinky, then vinegar, still stinky, then oxiclean, still sticky!  I use hot water and soak, but I can still smell that awful poop smell, especially on the pockets, HELP! I will try anything.  This happened to me once before with DS#2 and I am pretty sure I eventually went out and got regular dawn and hand scrubbed the dipes, but they no longer make dawn, sigh.
Just ordered Maxima 128 per the suggestion of the folks at aquadoula.  Ordered it at amway.com $25 shipped for a gallon of concentrate! Thanks
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