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Just popping in on this thread. We've recently made the decision to move to North Atlanta. It will be within the next year. DH works from home but his job is based in Buckhead. I am SOOOO excited to move, I've been in Pensacola all my life and I'm bored of it!!
Well I had my baby at Sacred Heart, but I didn't "birth" her- I had a c-section. (Sorry, not crunchy, I know.) She was a week late and I had been in labor for days without any progress, and I didn't dilate. So I may not be the person to give you advice. But I had a fabulous experience there, and I really trust the doctors, although they are pretty busy. They took really great care of me. If you have any other questions pm me.
I weaned DD shortly after she turned 2 (I was about 3 months pregnant.) I was planning to nurse her longer, but just absolutely could not stand the sensation. She was pretty much ready, as was I, so it's all good.
Onions... brussels sprouts... sardines. I am so proud! LOL
Linoleum (real linoleum, not vinyl) is environmentally friendly, all-natural, allergen-proof, easy to clean, colorful, cheap and lasts forever!! (Not a salesperson... just researching options for my fantasy playroom, LOL)
I started around a year, when I noticed that her teeth were getting yellow and gunky-- despite the fact that we don't do sugar or juice or bottles! (Now they are nice and white at age 2)
I always thought I'd be a doctor. A psychiatrist, actually. I changed my major in college from pre-med to something else and always regretted it. I am still coming to terms with the fact that that career isn't a practical reality for me.
I just wanted to introduce myself. I'll save my real name for later, but I have a 2-year old girl and I'm pregnant with another little girl due in March. My husband and I are hoping to move to Atlanta after this baby is born. I've lived in Northwest Florida all my life and I am about sick of it-- lovely as it is-- and I need a little breathing room from family!! (I am related to everyone in this town.... 7th generation prolific Catholic family!) My husband works from...
I wanted to respond because I am 22 weeks and severely depressed. I've had problems with depression since I was a kid. I got through my first pregnancy without meds, but with this one, I just keep getting worse. It's scary because I scream and yell at my toddler (not something I want to do!!), cry all day from the time I wake up till I go to bed, can't get any chores done. I literally sit on my butt all day and cry. I've even had to skip Kindermusik because I just...
Thanks for responding to my pity party. I remember now how much I love this board. Last night I had a huge meltdown and talked to hubby.. again, LOL... but this morning I feel a lot more refreshed. I'll keep your advice in mind and we will get through this... thanks again for the support.
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