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We are vegan and don't frequent fast food joints so, no    However, my mother will occasionally take DS to an indoor playground at either McD or Burger King and she'll get fries or something while he plays. DS has no idea what a Happy Meal is and only equates these places with an occasional playground trip with Grandma. He's never really had the exposure that some kids get to them.   I tend to make meals ahead of time and have simple items on hand to make if I'm in a...
We drink when DS is awake. Responsibly of course.
DS spends most of the school week at his dad's since his apartment is in a better school district. They live a couple of miles away and DS takes the bus. On the days that I have him it's about a 20 min drive to school from my apartment. 
Thank you. 
Going through a similar thing with my 6.5 yr old DS. Glad to know I'm not alone! 
DS has been vegan since birth/conception. He breastfed exclusively for 6-8 months and began picking at solids soon after. He wasn't really eating solids in any quantity until he turned one or so. His first solids were sweet potato, avocado, banana, etc. After that he ate mixed meals containing quinoa, rice, ww pasta, couscous, beans of all kinds, tempeh, chopped greens and veggies. Cut friuts and veggies, whole grain cereals, and healthy snack bars were his favorite...
Twice.The first was terminated early on...no regrets.   The second produced my now 6 yr old son 
Koru - this lovely lady combed out all of her dreads, and hers were a few years old. (She cut a bit off the ends but they were still long). Here is her blog post describing the process and all of the products she used...http://www.deniseandrade.com/category/dreadlocks/
Woke up with 2 ft of snow this AM! Last night was a little scary with crazy wins and blowing transformers everywhere, but at least we still have power! 
Becky - So sorry to hear about that :(    My dreads were started with Twist & Rip and crochet but I've let them do there own thing since then. My hair is pretty messy at the moment and I'm sure my SO prefers my straight hair but he knows this makes me happy and would never ask me to change something about myself just because he prefers something different. He is balding at the moment and while I find his head of hair quite attractive, I'm not going to drop him when it...
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