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I go to Dr. Griffith at Pediatric Associates in East Providence. We follow a selective & delayed schedule and he's never chastised me or bullied me about our decisions in any way. If your looking for a "crunchy" homeopathic type pediatrician then he's not really a good choice but he is definitely open to flexible vax schedules. (At least in my experience). We are also an extended bf'ing, vegan family and he's been supportive of all of that as well.    If you would...
I exercise regularly - cardio/weights and yoga 3-5x/week. I also have a very physical job. I really only wash my hair once a week, regardless of activity level. I'll throw in a second washing if need be but I try to keep it down to one. I do wash my bangs a few times a week though. 
Subbing! My dreads are a little over a year old now...happy 2013!!!
My brother has Aspergers as well. He's incredibly empathetic and kind to all people and especially animals.    This whole thing is absolutely devastating.
Koru -- your dreads look great! 
I also just want to add that my son does have some little books on the Nativity and my mom always sets out a Nativity display at Christmas time so he does have some exposure to it. We just leave it at that for now and will answer any questions he has as they come up.
We also take the religion out of the holiday. We decorate the tree and the house, sing carols, give gifts, etc. The religious/Jesus aspect hasn't really come up yet. We also celebrate the Solstice and DS's birthday is on the 23rd so December is one big month of festivities.    Most of the major holidays like Easter, Christmas, etc were based off of existing pagan /cultural celebrations that Christians morphed into religious holidays to help ease the conversion to...
We mutually decided to not do gifts this year. We are spending 4 nights in NYC for NYE at a concert and we are putting our extra resources towards that instead. 
My son needs 10-11 hours of sleep to get through the day without being too tired or a bit cranky. His bedtime is around 8pm since he started school. 
My son is in kindergarten now and never received the rotavirus vax, Hep A or B and only had one Hib dose. Once he turned 5 they didn't require the Hib anymore so it was a non-issue. His school only requires that he be up to date on Chicken Pox, MMR, Polio and DTAP which he is. He was never up to date on his vaxes for pre-school but they never cared. We follow a delayed/selective schedule and luckily it's all worked out so far.
New Posts  All Forums: