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I love the coziness, the atmosphere, the lights, etc. I definitely appreciate it all much more as I grow older and have a child to enjoy it with.   I'm Pagan as well and celebrate the Solstice along with Christmas...(we don't associate Christmas with religion). My son's birthday is also on the 23rd so there's quite a bit of celebrating to go around. I'm also tight on money and always have been so while we do gifts I have always tried to play up the outings and other...
This thread is far too strange and I'm calling BS on it all   Except for Sharlla......all other posters that are overly enthusiastic about this are new users with only 1 post. 
Those are the hair follicles, (roots), of your hair. When your hair sheds it sheds the follicle as well which is on the tip of the strand. The stray hair gets caught up in the dread with the follicles along with it. It's perfectly normal and unavoidable unfortunately. The darker your hair the more noticeable it will be.
I've raised my son vegan since birth. Both his father and I are vegan as well, though we have since separated. MY SO is vegetarian and we do not allow meat in the house. If my son wishes to consume meat/animal products once he's older that's fine but it won't be prepared in the home. 
I actually don't mind it but I wish we could change the colors...(longs for the days of tan Mothering....)
I know many people, including many parents, that partake in recreational drug use. Mostly just alcohol, pot, and psychedelics. I've had many positive experiences myself and still do but I don't really want to discuss too much since this is a public forum and you just never know. But yes, in my opinion it is very possible to partake in certain substances without addiction depending on the person. I also believe that certain drugs, (such as heroin, meth, coke/crack, and...
My son isn't into any characters except Angry Birds, which he discovered through playing the game. It's the only video game he plays. He doesn't watch much TV outside of PBS, DVD's and Netflix. And we never did daycare so he wasn't exposed to much character stuff. That may change but he's in Kindergarten now and still isn't into "characters" at all. It might just come down to personalities...or I just might have an odd kid
My son is 5 but his bedtime at 4 and now are basically the same. Anywhere between 8-9pm. Though lately it's been closer to 8.
DS just started kindergarten and while I was expecting homework I'm kind of surprised at the type and amount. At the beginning of the month each child gets a sheet with 20 activities listed and they have the month to complete 10 of them. These activities range from "take 5 books about Fall out of the library," to "draw a scientist and label the types of tools they use." Others ask him to write out his name or address 5 times, draw and label his favorite outdoor...
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