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Washing dreads: This page is from the woman that started my dreads. http://www.ragingrootsstudio.com/washing.htm      There is a section a little down the page that lists ingredients to avoid in shampoo. You do not want to use regular shampoos because all of the residues and chemicals will remain in your dreads and begin building up. Once in awhile won't really hurt but it's not a habit to get in to. I personally use this shampoo, tea tree version, and have for over...
My thoughts exactly 
That's so great to hear!!! Your dreads look awesome by the way. Great job! 
We read daily, aloud, from actual paper books   We always read a small story, or 4, at bedtime and then whenever DS asks to read during the day. He'll also pick up a book and "read" it to himself if the mood hits. We make reading a priority and he really enjoys it.  
Hello fellow Phish phan!!!! Have a great time at the shows   Huntress ---I started my dreads about a year ago when they were just above my boobs. There has been a bit of shrinkage and they currently hang just below my shoulders. I used twist & rip and crochet which tends to shrink less than other methods. Or so it seems...   I have dark blond hair and always would highlight it pre-dreads. My hair now looks "dip-dyed" with the highlighted strands towards the bottom and my...
I agree with this
I follow a vegan, mostly whole food diet. I've been doing so for over 13 years.  
My family consumes tons of whole grains but no dairy since we're vegan   Oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and cous cous, rices, breads, wraps.....you name it, we eat it.
I used to add blond highlights to my hair once or twice a year because my once naturally-platinum blond hair is getting darker and darker as I age. I haven't done anything to it in over a year however because I dreaded my hair and didn't want to mess with the locking process. I may eventually dye my hair a bit lighter again but for now I'm taking a break.
Nursed my son for 27 months :)
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