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We never did "kid" music DS. He listens to whatever we listen to which means a variety of jam bands, modern and classic rock, some indie/folk/alternative stuff, etc.   His favorite band is currently Phish because that's what is usually playing and their songs are very bouncy and fun. He's always requesting songs to play from them.   We don't censor music with curse words....I listen to quite a bit of Ani DiFranco and other artists with curses sprinkled in. He is...
  This is me as well!
I bought several re-usable mesh and cotton produce bags and bring them with me when I shop. I have enough for storage in the fridge and enough for shopping. The only time i may use a plastic bag is for very wet greens.   I go to various markets and none have an issue with putting items in re-usable bags as you shop around. 
My favorite is "Raising Vegetarian Children" by Joanne Stepaniak   http://www.amazon.com/Raising-Vegetarian-Children-Health-Harmony/dp/0658021559   Great nutritional info, support and yummy recipes! I highly recommend it!  
I use flax oil regularly. I mix it in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, pasta/rice dishes etc. The oil has a distinctive flavor but when mixed within other foods I find I can't detect it at all.  
I'm a vocal animal rights activist and vegan that happens to have a career as a zookeeper.   I limit screen time for my son but spend far too much time online myself.
I voted "Regularly" because I love smooth legs but that's the only area I shave. I keep my underarms and lady parts trim and neat but I love hair in those places.
Agreed for the most part.  
I did and all was well. The only issue DS had at that time was being able to wipe himself after pooping. He's fairly regular with that schedule and I didn't think he would ever have to go during school hours. (And he hasn't). The teachers at our school will assist the kids if there is a problem though, even though they require a child be potty independent. It's very common from what I've seen.
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