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My son wasn't potty independent until 4.5 years old. (He's 5.5 now). We didn't do daycare or anything like that so there was no outside pressure. When we figured it was time we bought pull-ups, underwear and a potty seat to fit over our toilet and introduced the concept casually. He got to help pick out everything and was very involved in the process. We didn't use a reward system, just made it a fun thing to do. He picked it up very quickly but that's just his nature...
We avoid bringing nut-laced things to school or other places with nut bans but that's about it. We consume many nut products and I'm not overly vigilant unless I know we'll be coming into contact with someone that has an allergy. Otherwise I just make sure we wash our hands and go on our way. 
My son will imitate dogs frequently since he was raised with some. Perfectly normal, IMO.
My son drinks organic almond and soy milks. He's been drinking them since he weaned which was a little after 2 yrs old. He loves water but I don't mind him drinking plant-based milks because of the added calories and nutritional supplements. We don't avoid soy since it's not an issue for us but I like to switch it up with almond for the variety.
Hi! I'm Steph, 28 yrs old and a WOHM. I've been vegan for over 13 years now and vegetarian for a years before that. My DS is 5 and has been raised vegan since birth, (or since conception really ) His father and I are no longer together but he went vegan after a few years of dating me and has remained so. My SO is vegetarian but becoming more and more vegan everyday. We strive to eat minimally processed, whole plant foods and grains. We don't limit soy but don't overdo...
AP is still huge and gaining more mainstream acceptance, so I don't think that's the case. I really felt a big shift when the site changed to new format, the magazine ended and MDC locked into the whole social media thing. Everything happened at once and I think the changes may have scared some people away. Also, not having the magazine around isn't helping matters at all. 
I miss it quite a bit. It definitely has a bit of a "ghost town" feel to it. I used to get all cozy in here.....now it just feels empty :(
That's horrible. Luckily my son's preschool/daycare is very in to making sure that children only get fed what their parent's want them fed. I keep soymilk in the school fridge and make DS's lunch daily. Due to the multitudes of food allergies out there they are very cautious of what is going into the children. (Making sure kids are not sharing food, checking in with parents if food is going to be used in a craft, etc). 
Shampoos:  I LOVE these foam shampoos! They come in a couple of different scents but my favorite is the Tea tree. A little goes a long way and they aren't drying at all.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/reeda
Koru - you're dreads look great in my opinion :)  Similar to mine, messy, loopy with wispy loose hair everywhere. Although I realize that look isn't welcoming to everyone. If creating a maintenance routine is making you and your locks more comfortable then go for it. I definitely get the impatient itch every now and then. You could always look for someone to do some maintenance work periodically on your locks as well. I'm not sure of anyone around you, but here is a list...
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