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We're vegan and include soy in our diet. Mostly in the form of milk, tempeh and tofu. I've never been worried about it.
My ex was extremely opposed to leaving our son intact. I was extremely opposed to having him cut.   I put my foot down and left him intact, knowing he would never go behind my back to have it done. He resented, (and still resents),  me for that decision. But the decision was never ours to make in the first place.
My job's pretty cool. I'm a zookeeper. :)   I've worked with everything from elephants and giraffes, lions and cheetah to birds and insects. Everyday is different and exciting for sure.
I was 23 and he's my only one so far.
This is awful to hear :( 
I can answer some of your questions:   1) What is a 'good' length to start dreads?        My hair was a boob length when I started and has since shrunk up a bit to just passed my shoulders. You only need a few inches of length to start but be prepared for some shrinkage. They will begin to grow again though.   2) What do you do ,regularly, get keep your dreads up?        I began mine with the crochet method which makes them look quite tight and good at first....
Happy 2012 mamas!!! I can finally join this tribe :)   I started my dreads in August and October using the crochet/rip & twist methods. They're a bit crazy but I love 'em. I'll post a pic soon.
My son attends the Rumford location of Early Learning Centers of RI. (He lives in EP. It's located off of Pawtucket Ave.). They do all ages. Here is their site: http://www.elcofri.com/   It is brand new and just opened last month. There are only a handful of kids there because it is so new but I love it. The preschool/toddler teacher is wonderful and a bit "crunchy" herself. Her name is Angela. My son loves the place and he was never in a preschool/daycare setting...
This border add is terrible.   I thought if you were a supporter you would get ad-free browsing??? Wouldn't this count?    
I call them "sneakers." Everyone I know does.
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