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Ha, I laughed so hard when I saw this thread. I never watch the shows but during the summer, the zoo I work at plays Dora and Diego songs all day long. It is a small zoo and very kid friendly....they speakers are located in an amphitheater right next to my area. I know all the words and want to pull my hair out every time I hear them. So annoying!!!
I love this show, I'm glad Animal Planet decided to do this. They are the whales best (and only, really) defense against poachers.
I use paper shopping bags, newspaper, or fabric depending on the size of the gift.
I love my Mac! Very user friendly ( in my opinion) than Windows. I've had zero issues with this computer.
I used Bravado nursing bras. They have "fancier" styles if you don't care for the sports bra-like models.
I consume 2-3 cups per day. (DP is a coffee roaster..hard not to lol!) I have never noticed a reaction in my son...I also try to only have coffee in the AM. DS nurses mostly in the evening hours.
I gained 25 lbs with my son and loss about 30. Which may sound good but I was only 110 lbs to start off with. I'm finally gaining some weight back as his nursing frequency slows down.
I've only had one vaginal birth with no tears and honestly it feels about the same as before and only looks slightly different. As someone said previously..a bit more exposed would be a good way to describe it but nothing I don't mind. I think it really depends on how traumatic the birth was on that region....and men won't be all that concerned as long as it's functional and they're getting some attention lol
I have noticed that on rainy days, our dog will prefer to sleep longer and just lounge around. Much like her human companions......
I do real trees. Growing up, my dad would take us to pick a tree and after Christmas we would replant it in the back yard (the root ball had obviously been spared). Now I usually get a small cut tree from a local farm and find a place to turn it into mulch after the holidays are over. Fake trees are usually made from toxic PVC or other plastics so I try to avoid those.
New Posts  All Forums: