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Anyone going to the nurse-in at the Fairfield Commons Mall? This Sunday the 20th at 2pm everyone is meeting in the food court.
This is the information I got. The nurse-in will be at the Fairfield Commons Mall this Sunday the 20th at 2pm please meet in the food court.
yes more Dr. Bowen! www.thebowencenter.com
The Midwives Lobby Day is your opportunity to tell your legislators that access to licensed Midwives and Homebirth is important to you! 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 Columbus, OH Register by Friday, April 30! http://www.safebirthohio.org/
I have taken it to the pharmacy before. It is sad but I think most people put it in the trash or potty Good for you thinking of the water supply and health of others. On a side note Gabe brought me a pill today that he found. We have no clue how he got it we did not even have that kind of pill in the house.
When you move make sure you check out the Dar a Luz Network meetings and LLL meetings. You will find mamas that have had there babies in all different settings home,hospital,birth center. Most would be happy to tell you all about it. Best of luck hope the move goes well. You can also PM me if you need more info. www.daraluznetwork.com www.lllohio.org
Yes ready for spring!!!
Well said Heather
We are here! I have been doing most of the same. We are also doing lots of playing in the snow and trying to stay warm!
khaoskat Did you go sledding? I think we make a trip out in the AM Should be fun!
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