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You could try neem oil, Organix makes one for bugs. I don't know if it would be effective on the wasps.
You might be able to check online. Try typing in your county/city and state it should come up with your local government website from there you should be able to search the site. Or at the very least get the phone numbers you need. Good luck with the house hunt!
thank you!! I have heard that neem smells pretty strong - do you thing mixing it with some EO will help?
I was just wondering if anyone has experience using neem oil. I hear it's another great multi purpose oil, especially for hair. But it's suppose to be a strong oil and needs to be diluted but I don't know with what or by how much. Any advice or websites?? Thank you
I wonder if its a GA thing...my face has been itching like crazy lately!! I thought my mineral makeup went bad.
Sorry - it's apple cider vinegar.
Wow! I can't believe how long this thread is! I thought I would just share my results. I have been using honey as the main ingrediant for my skincare since Nov 06, for some reason I hit 30 and my skin went wacko on me. Anyway it took a while for my skin to adjust to the honey; I think about 4-6 wks before I started noticing continued results. Right off the bat I got soft skin and the tightness went away. After about a week the oily and dry spots balanced out. Once the...
Have you tried the ACV rinse? I have seen a recipe on here for green tea and avc...I haven't tried it since plain water and avc work great for me as a rinse. I have even noticed my natural highlights shinning through
Quote: Originally Posted by Spastica Sincerely, Spastica Managing Partner and Executive Institute for Unpoo Global Hair aka: UGH Institute. cute!
I have been experimenting with different natural/home skin care. I love the honey but it just didn't seem to get my face clean on its own. What I have started using is oat bran flour mixed with salt and green clay and moisten it with honey in the shower. So far I love this mix.
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