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Wow... I sure got a lot of welcomes.
Quote: Originally Posted by WuWei I start to feel my chest expand, I set my jaw and I KNOW: "I need to take a break. I am the Adult. I can control myself." And I walk to the kitchen sink and run a large glass of water (and the house can be falling down around me) and I drink the water and I "infuse" it with the "switch words": "Be. Divine. Love. Together." These are connecting words which help to 'switch the energy'. And sometimes I have to take some...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie I'm starting to see a pattern; last month, also the day after full moon, I had been dangerously depressed and raging for a couple of days and then started bleeding. I've never had a regular cycle (anything between 30-60 days, usually around 45 days), but I'm starting to see a pattern. Hey Majik, In my circle, we call this the "waning moon blues". I find that my most down moments are when the moon is...
Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker In any case, I inditify with "queer", not meaning gay... just queer. I don't know if I could explain that to anyone that doesn't understand what I mean, but it's just the way I feel. I hear that. I think "queer" is a great wat to describe many types of sexual orientation in the community. How's this: "In contemporary usage, some use queer as an inclusive, unifying sociopolitical umbrella term for people...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyermom I also have huge issues with my daughter hitting me. She does it when she gets frustrated because I'm trying to get her up in the morning etc. I can take it sometimes, but sometimes I get mad and yell at her. How to handle this? She's 4 next week - I feel like she's getting too old to hit me. My son used to do that too. Then I got vigilant about giving him a time out EVERY time he hit me. I know that...
I know it's a bit premature for a real "decision" on this, but, as an aspiring midwife, I plan to *only* do VE's when asked. I wish I could also do only home birth, but Ontario requires that I attend 5 hospital births per year. *pouts*
So, for the iodine, I guess kelp may be helpful?
Hullo!! Try getting tested for yeast... I've read that it's common to people with allergies to highly acidic fruits like certain berries and citrus, and mold allergies.
What/where is Dom's site? ty
Good info, thanks very much.
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