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If you are willing to mail it to another province (I would pay of course), then my dp and I would LOVE to have it! We're having to supplement with about eight to twelve ounces of goat's milk per day, since our breastmilk donor is now unable to keep up with demand. :(
If you're going to HSC, I highly recommend Dr. Morris. She can be very crunchy if you make your wishes to her well known. Plus, she is the head of obstetrics there. ;) I got to catch our baby who was birthed standing up, and my wife had no pelvic exams whatsoever! (Upon request of course.)
Hey all! I'm from the 'Peg too!   For you pregnant mamas out there, I offer placenta encapsulation services! This could go for you wymyn who also still have a placenta in your freezer... Someone told me once that they encapsulated their placenta after it was in the freezer for five years, and it still worked wonders!   Also, like Lia_&_Eva's_Mama, I also would love to live off grid! We're thinking of moving out to the Grand Beach area, building a cob house, and...
I offer this service in Winnipeg, MB. I don't have kits, but I can give you a recipe and you can purchase the necessary equipment on your own. :)
I'd experiment with it once or twice. If it makes a huge difference, I'd turn her. If not, keep her RF. 
So glad it's baby time for you, Burg! (FYI though, our babies were both born at 43+ weeks, and were very healthy, so you need not fear the post-term baby. )
I hop it feels better to get that stuff off your chest. :) I really hope the therapist helps; it seems like you have a good grip on what's happening.
Wow, Lex, I had no idea! I'm sorry.   The part that I found horrifying in particular was how they let their nine-month-old scream in her crib alone for over two and a half hours just so she would supposedly be more independent with her sleeping patterns. There are other aspects that I'm not fond of, but that issue really takes the cake for me. While I realise it is not a book about parenting per say, writing about negative parenting behaviours can normalise them, and...
I did for about six years as well! I love knowing that I can provide some nourishment for our baby with my body.   Also, I think I might have a new crush! She's a friend of my bff, and she's super fun to hang out with! I think I'll give it some time before I pursue though since we still have a brand new baby, and I don't want to take away from the lovey feelings between my DPP and I right now.
At the risk of being unpopular, I'd say if you're crunchy or AP-oriented at all, I would NOT recommend "She Looks Just Like You". I, personally, found it rather horrifying.   I also found the author seriously irritating anyway. lol
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