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Hi.  I also live in N raleigh.  My daughter is almost 5 - starts kindergarden next yr.  So I have recently become interested in Waldorf.  would love to meet some parents who know more about Waldorf... Thanks! Cheryl
Thanks for the ideas ihugtrees .  I am going to wait and see if more folks respond here too...Chapel Hill just seems too far to travel! 
Hi. I am in N. Raleigh and i have a rising kindergartener(next year).  I have recently become very interested in Waldorf and would like to learn and discuss with other parents in this area.  
I live in Raleigh, NC and I am very interested in the Waldorf method of education but I am just starting to learn.  The closet Waldorf school is almost an hour away.  Does anyone know of a Waldorf community in the Raleigh area or how to start one?   
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