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Thanks so much! That does help, and looks about right to me for size. I'll have to check out Tiny Poopockets pattern. I'm a little out of the diapering loop this time around!
Hi there! I've looked around the archives a bit, but sorry if this is posted somewhere I couldn't see! I'm due soon with our third babe, and my last two babes were tiny little things (6 lbs or just under), so even the tiniest of the snugglebottoms dipes that we use were too big. We ended up just using washclothes and the like for the first few weeks. Well, this time, with a new serger (whoopee!!), I'd like to whip up some easy, small flannel prefolds for those first...
Hi there! And kudos to you for thinking about all of this BEFORE it's an issue! We've always had a family bed, and used it for naptime--never had a baby fall off a bed yet! LOL! For the early months, I mostly wore my babes as they were napping. I also set up a cozy spot on the floor--with a sheepskin--that I sometimes would put them down on for naps. After they were crawling age, we lowered our bed to the floor (king size box spring and mattress), and made sure...
There's a really great tutorial over on www.craftster.org for making your own cloth menstrual pads. I used this woman's templates and really liked how they came out. Of course, I got pregnant the very month that I made the new ones, so I never got to try them out! LOL! Here's the link (hopefully!): http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=18462.0
My favorite online fabric shops are: www.equilter.com www.reprodepotfabrics.com www.sewzannes.com www.fabric.com (they sell Amy Butler for 7.99 a yard usually) And if you like Amy Butler's fabric, you'll love all the fabric in the Free Spirit line (www.freespiritfabric.com .... they have a list of retailers on the site). They've all got some really wonderful fabric--not just what you'll find at JoAnn's or another chain. Oh, be careful! It's so dangerous! LOL!
I've used Bumpy's (with other wool covers) for both of my babes, and have always machine washed, on warm, gentle cycle, with Eucalan. Line dry. With the Eucalan, I very rarely need to lanolize (every few months or so?). So far, I've had most of them last through two children, and I hope to get one more baby to wear them!
Hi there! Which one best fits your style of homeschooling? Or rather, which one most inspires you? I read Home Education when I can find it (at the library, or a friends house), but I subscribe to Live Free Learn Free, because (as opposed to Home Ed) EVERY article in there really speaks to me. That is a hard decision to make!!
Oh, that's brilliant! We should collaborate! LOL!
Thanks! That looks adorable! I'm not necessarily wanting him to wean right now (though somedays I think that would be nice! ), but just want to get him started thinking about it atleast. Over a year of tandem nursing is starting to take it's toll on this mama. Thanks again, Mamas!
So we've got all the great breastfeeding books--Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy, I'm Made of Mama's Milk, Michelle the Nursing Toddler. But are there any books for children about weaning?? My 3.5 year old has no plans to stop nursing anytime soon, which is okay with me. But he also has no concept of WEANING!! All of his friends still nurse, so as far as he's concerned, he'll ALWAYS have Mama's milk (this is what he tells me atleast). Anyway, I'd love to find a...
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