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I floss and brush his teeth once a day, before bedtime.
DS does this too. DB was worried about it but I kept telling him it's (probably LOL) normal. DS will sometimes ask a question (or make a demand) 5-10 times in a row, even after we answer him. I find that if I answer with a "mmm hmm" kind of attitude he does it more. This morning he said "me go grandma linda's house" about 15 times. He finally stopped when I said, "yes, we are going to grandma linda's house!". I figure it's just an extension of his colicky persistence.
Concerning BFing, I define success as continuing to do it
Quote: Originally Posted by Magali Yes. My SIL is always talking about how she needs to "crack" my nephews good once in a while . I felt so rotten when I saw her slap my 10 year old nephew in the face, out of the blue, and even worse when she came up behind him and hit him on the back when he wasn't even looking or expecting a hit. I don't agree with physical punishment whatsoever, and those times I saw her lash out him unexpectedly have really made me...
He already understands he just doesn't like what you're asking
I wonder how many of us cutters' children have had choking incidents and if that plays into it. My son choked pretty bad when he was around a year old and I always chop everything down really small. Although I also can't imagine letting him go up and down stairs by himself, so maybe I'm just paranoid?
He sounds like a disgusting creep. My boyfriend would kick his ass if he had said that stuff to me.
Co-sleeping and feeding on demand at the breast.
Whenever he wants to
Has she had a check-up? She may have an infection or "popped" stitches. I was in excruciating pain after my delivery/tear so I asked my mw to check me again and it turned out I had both.
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