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"Get your finger out of your bottom." "Daddy doesn't like being hit in the eye." "We don't flick our boogers. Please get a napkin." "Don't touch the dog's penis, it's yucky."
We have two cribs and never used them even one single time.
It takes about 10-15 minutes. I wait until he tells me he wants to go to bed, which is usually around 9 pm. If he doesn't fall asleep we go back downstairs and try again later.
Around 18 months.
Quote: we also had luck with Garanimals brand jogging pants DS (24 months) isn't tall but he's very thin around the middle so he needs a 12 month waist and a 24 month length. Most of his pants are adjustable but I don't like it because they just get all bunched up when you cinch the waist. I have had the best luck with Garanimals (very tight waists) and JCPenney roll cuff pants (they are pretty long when rolled out).
We bought the mini for DS but he never used it. It would have required CIO. He insisted on falling asleep at the breast and he was a light sleeper so I couldn't just put him back in it afterwards. Didn't work for us at all
Poor kid I called 911 once after pulling up to a stoplight next to a van with several unbuckled young children and an infant sitting on a man's lap. They needed some serious safety counseling.
It seems like everyone is weaning from middle of the night feedings first. Has anyone tried doing it the other way? DS (24 months) is very groggy and demanding in the middle of the night. It's like his mouth is magnetized to my breast (he wakes to nurse approx 3 times a night). I was thinking of trying to put him to sleep w/o nursing but still nursing for those night wakings. I am so scared to start. I have visions of hysterical crying for hours until I finally give in.
Your ped sounds very unsupportive of full-term BFing. Your breastmilk provides infinitely more nutrients to your dd than a plant milk like hemp or soy ever could. It's normal for toddlers to thin out as they lose baby fat and become more active. The only thing I would be concerned about is her solids intake. Try giving her at least 3 meals a day and a few snacks in between.
Quote: He doesn't feel alienated or abandoned at bedtime. Instead of mom and dad off in their own room all cozy together while he sleeps alone, he gets to be a part of it all. : This! Bedtime is family time. He has a bath, cup of milk, brush teeth, read story and we all climb into bed together. No forcing him back into his "big boy" bed 20 times a night.
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