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My husband and my daughter sharing a special Father's Day's moment, June 2010.   
I'm in!  I did this for my DDC in 07 and I love the beads I was sent.  It's a great connection to other Mamas!
My DD will be 4 next month.  It was very important to me that she wean when she felt ready, however I have been ready to wean for about 6 months.  I finally decided to give her a gentle nudge and declared her 4th birthday the last day of nursing.  Well, to my surprise she decided to wean a month early saying "I'm still 3 but I'm a big kid!".  We still co-sleep and she wants to give the booboos a kiss and a hug every morning, but she is officially done.  Wow!  What a...
What HE detergent are you using? You may be getting build up from that. We use Charlies soap powder or Country Save powder, about 1TBSP per load. We dry pail with no baking soda, then a cold wash/rinse, then a hot wash, cold rinse. We don't use vinegar as we have soft water. About once every 3 months I soak everything in bac-out and wash them without detergent. I've been using pocket diapers for 2.5 years and this seems to work for us! If you do have build...
I would recommend "Our Babies, Ourselves" by Meredith F. Small. Of course, if your husband is anything like mine, he won't read it anyway, but it would be good for you to!
I would pronounce it as Muh-LEE-uh. You could add an "h" to the end - Maliah, or even Maleah if you think that will help! In any case, it's lovely!
When you say that you are taking "every supplement under the sun" does that include Reglan? I too lost a lot of blood after delivery and had a hard time producing enough milk. I was given a prescription for Reglan and my supply went through the roof! I remember pumping 8 oz. from one breast and crying with joy. If my IBCLC hadn't put me on the Reglan I don't know what would've happened, but I'm still nursing my 25 month old DD and it's been wonderful. Good luck...
Congratulations! What a great story - one she will love to hear over and over!
A good place to start is www.creditcards.com. You can compare rates and balance transfer offers. I recently transferred a CC balance, calculated how much I would need to pay every month before the 0% interest offer expired and I now only have 2 months left to pay it off! Most companies will charge you either a flat rate to transfer, or a percentage. Shop around and see what kind of offers are out there and do it!
22 months for me! We did ecological breastfeeding. My DD never had a bottle or a paci, we nursed lying down for naps and bedtime, co-slept and nursed on demand. She did start solid foods at 6 months but never had a milk substitute until she was 12 months old. And considering that I am a FT WOHM I am very happy that we were able to do it!
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