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When my husband gets back from his hunting trip this weekend we'll pull the Christmas stuff out. I usually procrastinate and get it all out the week before Christmas but this year I'm doing it before it is My BIL put the lights out right after Halloween this year. I thought it was a good idea since it was a nice day but then that night he turned them on, and he's had them on every night since! And it's not just a few lights. I'd hate to see their electric bill.
I was just reading through Oak Meadow's Curriculum online and, someone correct me if I'm wrong, it seems very light, fun, relaxed, very short lessons. Is it Charlotte Mason style? IDK Seem's like someone who has been unschooling and looking for a little structure could incorporate a little CM into their lives and be happy. Check out simplycharlottemason.com I'm liking their site right now. I used to be an unschooler, and now I'm a relaxed eclectic homeschooler.
Books on tape are a great idea...most kids love them! And I was just reading a book that recommended getting a tape recorder and recording your own voice on there reading their favorite books. I've was thinking about doing this and your post reminded me!
Awsome site...if you look to the left they have other subjects also. I just played a few of the games with my 3 yo and 6 yo and they really enjoyed it! Thanks!!
Too funny! I think I would have tried to get her to sleep with out the lovey by tring to replace it with something else. If she wasn't sleepy enough to accept the new lovey I would have quickly washed it by hand, rung it out and given it to her wet.
YES! We love our Co-op! It's on Fridays and we have 3 "classes" for each age group. We started last winter and we've met so many great families and new friends. Last year Alyson was in a circle time/letter of the week class, a gardening class, art class, tennis, and freeplay. This year she is in Science, Freeplay, and Art. She really looks forward to going every week and so do I. Hope you guys have a great experience with your Co-op, and good luck. :
Can you save a few dollars and also not have to spend the extra $8 if you by it from ebay? http://cgi.ebay.com/Handbook-of-Natu...d=p3286.c0.m14
We also got a set of 1978 Britannica last year, for free. I'm trying to find it a good home as we speak. My kids are very young so I don't see us using it for a long time, if ever, since it's so dated. Now it's taking up alot of space in our small house. We had World Book when I was little and I can remember reading that all the time for fun, so if I come across a recent set I may get it.
Well now I feel pretty silly for even trying to fit everything in in one day. I didn't buy any curriculum, just a few learning games and a few activity books for now. Most of the stuff I found on the internet so I don't know what these boxed curriculums have kids doing everyday. But the way I planned out our week we would need a whole Month to fit everything in. I've made all of the lessons really fun, there's nothing in there that's unenjoyable, and my daughter...
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