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I am sure I would have done the same and ignored them and went on my way. But if I was passing by them I may have said something like "Aw, is it past his bedtime? I've been there with my kids and I've had to leave and come back later, at least there are 2 of you here so one could take him outside if you had to." And then smile warmly.
Could you "homeschool" her for Kindergarten and send her to the 1/2 day program? Then next year she would go full day 1st grade. I agree full day K at that is a bit much. I'm pretty ticked off that they did that. Alyson was given a maturity waiver for K this past year and we will start homeschooling K this coming fall. I don't like the idea of her being in school all day at age 6 or 7 let alone 5.
Does anyone have any green ideas for storing meat in the freezer. I'm not happy with all of the plastic bags I'm using. I've thought about washing the bags out with some soap and water and reusing them but is that sanitary after it's been storing chicken in the freezer? Thanks!
Please email me at blackmon736@verizon.net if you plan on attending. Another member has offered her home as a place for us to get together next week but it hasn't been confirmed yet.
There is a group of us who meet at the Chesapeake Children's Museum in Annapolis on Tuesdays at 10am. We are very laid back and just choose a topic of the week (usually science related) the week before. We may have a story, craft and a science experiment. Like I said it's very laid back and when we're done with that the kid's play together. It's for Kindergarten age but other's are certainly welcome. I bring my 5 year old daughter and my 2 year old son. It started...
No, I don't allow my kids to chase any birds. I'm raising our kids to be respectful of all wildlife. When there are birds around I try to move quietly around them as to not disturb, I really enjoy watching them. My daughter has begun doing the same. I do think it's something different to shoo them away from you when they come close as long you're not causing them harm.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneKnight I doubt salt does much against ants, we had them in our salt shaker last year. Mmmmm protein. I was about to say the same. How gross is it to see ants in your salt shaker after you've been sprinkling it on your food... I could not eat salt for a while after that.
Quote: Originally Posted by aran I don't think that's the issue in this case. I think it is discomfort with a little one coming in contact with an erect penis. OP didn't have concerns about nudity per se before she saw the erect penis touching her DD. Totally different than just seeing a person in the nude IMO. That's a normal part of nudity, erections while sleeping. It is innocent and shouldn't be shamed, IMO.
Wow! I'm so suprised at how many people here think that it isn't unreasonable to ask him to put on some underwear or pj's. As someone who sleeps naked everynight I would be pissed if my husband told me that he felt uncomfortable with my nudity around the kids and wanted me to wear clothes to bed. Sometimes when I get cold at night I put on some pj's but I can't fall asleep until they come back off, usually 30 minutes later, after getting frustrated. Can you add a...
Quote: Originally Posted by aran Definitely tell her! I would want you to if it were me! "Hey, you were joking about your DS not knowing about pacifiers in the last class, right? I thought you were, because your son had been using a pacifier all the previous weeks. But later, after class ended, I thought maybe the person caring for your DS was using a pacifier without your knowledge, so I thought I'd mention it to you, in case its something...
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