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I always told my daughter and still tell my son that "you have to use your words", and "we don't hit", "hitting is not nice and you need to come tell Mommy, Daddy or another adult". But my daughter started getting picked on by a little girl. Whether they were playing at home, on the bus, or in preschool my daughter would always come home sad and say that this girl was hitting her and pushing her, among other things. And no matter how much I talked to her parents,...
If this person is only doing this occasionally and has no problem eating normally I wouldn't consider it an eating disorder. Especially if she can stop and doesn't feel like she HAS to do this. I would worry that this would become a habit and she would start doing this more often and eating less. Then it would lean more towards anorexia. I'm no expert, this is my opinion as someone who used to struggle with bulimia. I hate to put this in your head if it's not the...
Congratulation!! That is so exciting!
Here is a thread on it last year. Can you PM me the link to the group? I've never heard about it before so I'd like to research. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=831396
If you're planning this vacation in hopes your stepdaughter will want to join you guys have you asked her opinion on places to go. I grew up in Anne Arundel County and I have to say that the only thing I would have been excited about doing at 20 was going to the ocean, everything else was at my backdoor. If you're trying to entice a 20 year old girl to go on vacation with you I'd definitely choose the beach, maybe she could bring a friend too. I prefer the DE Beaches...
If I were you I would go. That's an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss. In fact I'm jealous, lol!! Take others advise and get there EARLY though and be careful. Good Luck mama!
Hey Carrie! I'd love to get together and let the kids play. I live on Kent Island but I'm always in AA Co. so we should definitely get together soon. My daughter Alyson just turned 5 a couple weeks ago. I also have a son and he just turned 2. What part of AA Co. do you live? Quote: Originally Posted by Carriekl Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, newish to mothering, and checking out the idea of unschooling at home. I have a 4 1/2 yo...
Maybe you could ask her if she would like to give her projects to someone? Someone that would be happy to recieve them...a grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or special friend? If that wouldn't work maybe tell her that there's not enough room to keep them anywhere except for her room. When it piles up and she has no room she may just be ready to get rid of the clutter and taking pictures of them won't sound like such a bad idea to her.
Quote: Originally Posted by elizawill i don't know if this was mentioned or not (i didn't see it) but what about finger knitting? i hear that is pretty cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3LKAlDz9ig Wow, this is neat. I bet my 5 yo dd will love learning this. I know I will, I can't wait to go buy some yarn.
Yay!! I didn't know about resaurant.com....I just bought 2 $25 gift certificate/coupons and printed them out. I couldn't find a 70% code but I found one for 50%. Just type in goodbuy. Each one was $5. You do have to spend $35 to get $25 off but that is an awesome deal. :
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