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I personally wouldn't want to rent out a house that wasn't paid for yet...unless it was pretty close to being paid for. But that's because I wouldn't be able to afford 2 mortgages if I didn't have a tenant for some time. I'd also be afraid of a loss of employment. If you love this new house, you can afford it and you can see yourself being able to afford fixing it up than I say go for it. Just pretend that you don't have the extra $600 in rental money. If you are...
Thanks Lisa! I just joined. See ya over there.
Your name: Amy # of kids: 2 Kids' ages: Next month they will be turning 5 and 2 How long have you been homeschooling: I just started...my daughter "should" be in Kindergarten but I'm signing a maturity waiver since I'm still new at this. Then next year it will be official. What type of homeschooler do you consider yourself: Leaning towards Unschooling Any curriculum you recommend: Nope Please share a local homeschooling tip here: Spend lots of time together,...
How often is he going? You say it's not daily but is it every other day or two. I wouldn't be concerned with that because I've read several places and was told by my pediatrician that it was normal for them to go a week without a BM. That was the case with my son a couple of months ago. He was about 4 months at the time and all of a sudden he went from pooping every day to pooping once a week. So weird. Now he's going on 6 months and he poops every other day. I'd...
My dh works Monday-Friday usually 8-4:30 but it takes him about 45 min to get to work so I said 9-10 hours. I don't mind being alone with the kids all day, I spent 8 years teaching preschool and nannying.
Hey everyone. I actually just became strict vegetarian (again) a few weeks ago. YAY me! I aspire to be vegan but I can't do it over night like I did with becoming a vegetarian. I'm doing it mainly because of ethical reason but also hoping that it brings better health my way. I'm trying to do everything in a more natural way (hence the reason I'm here). Unfortunatly, I'm having alot of trouble learning about which ingredients come from animals. When I'm at the...
Have you tried Yahoo groups? That is where I found one local to me. Good Luck!
I think that would be a wonderful idea. I am new to unschooling and I was looking for a specific sub-forum dedicated to it.
I haven't showed it to my daughter yet, but I'm having a blast!
Have you ever tried a hand pump? I have the one from medela...it was only $30 -$35.00. You could pump like that and pour the milk from the bottle into the bags to freeze. I really like this pump (I didn't think I would) better than the hospital pump or hand expressing. Amy
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