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Honestly, I think every mother has felt this way, which is why some mothers distance emotionally. To love the way you love your children is intense. To know you have no control in their lives at a certain point is frightening. At the same time, it can open you up to releasing and letting go, in the end that is all we can do. To love with an open and compassionate heart and release any attachment. (I sometimes get glimpses of this, but am a long way off- I have lost...
I think that you should make your decision based not on hurt feelings, but who would be the best god parents for your child. Things may change by the time your baby comes. At the same time, definitely tell your sil that you are feeling sad, hurt disappointed. It is important to be honest in your communication. Good luck, and sorry that this happened, families are complicated.
Hausfrau is a great zine, also East Village Inky, good to have a sense of humor amidst the madness.
I have had similar issues. I think first of all,you don't really want to watch them so much, so better to stop the watching part first. As far as kids following your rules, I agree in principle. However, I learned a lesson from a neighbor girl, when I told her she couldnt go past my line of vision, she began to cry and told me that her mom lets her go to the end of the street. I then remembered how bad it felt when another adult (besides my own parent) told me what to...
My ils are horrid, and there are money issues in the family. I try to think, just focus on myself and my great life, not let others get me down. If the husband is calling, he needs to talk to his wife, not you. It really is none of your business, just focus on yourself and the impending joy of a new adopted baby. The more energy you give that crap, the less you have to enjoy your own life.
We will need affirmative action until things really change in this country. I am still waiting.
I think that brothers in general (not all) are not as good at staying in touch. My sisters are very close to me although we do not talk more than once a week. I love them very much, and I realize we all have busy crazed lives right now. I see them once or less a year (we live all over the country). I used to be closer to them when we were younger, but with children and husbands and life, we can't talk as much.
I completely agree with you, what happened to that generation? They are sooo narcissistic, ok, perhaps not everyone, but a good deal. My children have only one grandparent, and although that is sad, it is for their health as well as my own that our lives are this way. It would be really great if they had grandparents who gave a crap, but they don't. I think you are saying no to drama, too. She sounds like she is creating drama. That's her choice; and she is...
He had a lovely voice. It's sad, so young.
I have actually thought of the not judging judging thing. What I feel is that in yourself, you know when you are being judgmental. However, I can feel this judging and not "go with it". By the way, it has gotten softer the more life experiences I've had--which have not all been good! It's alot easier to start talking about how a certain momma did x and I would never do x, than to say, hmmm well maybe I wouldnt but goodness knows that I havent been through what they...
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