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I like the Flip ones.
I am very sorry for your loss.  I also lost my daughter.  She was my third child and only girl.  She went into resp. arrest in the ER and the doc was unable to intubate her.  This was back in 07, and I am still angry and bitter and my faith was also shaken to the core.  I understand, and again, I'm so sorry.
Dr. Mary Kay Koenig at Children's Memorial Houston is a pedi neuro who's specialty is mitochondrial disease. If the muscle weakness could be caused by something metabolic I would look into seeing her.
What area of town are you in? Northside, west side, etc?
We are in the NISD school district, but we homeschool so I am unsure of the quality of SE services.  I would like to know too, because my mds needs speech services.  I hope you're able to find something out.
I do all folding except towels, and they are expected to put their folded clothes away. Maybe you could find some middle ground?
I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dd at 20 months if age. The pain is indescribable.
Just moved here from near Houston.  Does anyone know of any homeschool groups or mom groups?
  I've poas many, many times.  Only once have I had a false +.  I know for certain that it was not a chemical pg.  It was a blue dye + or - type test.  My recommendation is to stay away from those.
My son did this.  For him it was due to muscle weakness from a genetic disorder.   There's really no reason why the docs should be stumped.  The need to find out why it is happening.  The baby definitely needs a cardio consult and an ENT consult.  Possibly more testing after that.   It was very stressful for me going through swallow dysfunction with my son, however I am happy to say that as long as he is not ill, he can safely eat now.
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