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I agree that it shouldn't cause you financial hardship. I'd call and explain your situation and see what they can do.
My skin never went back to normal. I lost weight, toned up a little, but my skin is still really stretched.
My answer to your question is absolutely not. Sure, there are some things that I can be with, but some things, not so much.
I read that a couple of years ago in Time magazine. Made me sick to my stomach.
Two intact boys, no problems ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend More marketing and research on what bottles work best with breastmilk and which nipples work best and how long milk can sit out (a while since it's got live antibodies) etc. are just as supportive of long term bf as avoiding exposing mothers' tender eyes to bottles and pumps. I'm glad Mothering supports the WHO code. Bf'ing is absolutely the healthy way to go for everyone, mom, baby, rest of family and community. ...
I have a confession. I've always wanted a girl, but I always thought it was shallow to prefer one sex over the other. It only matters that it's healthy, right? So anyway, my first two were boys and I really and truly was not disappointed. When I got pg with my dd, I told myself that it was probably another boy and I felt that I was prepared for that. Of course she was a girl and I was ecstatic. Then she died and now I am pg again and I had convinced myself that...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomacts If by creepy you mean sexy... I STILL have a thing for a man in eyeliner. Me too.
I am a parent who only selectively vaxes, and researches before injecting my child with anything. That being said, my son has had the flu twice. Once it was flu A and once flu B. He very nearly died both times. The vax is crap, to be sure, but I honestly think that most people don't realize that influenza can sometimes be extremely, etremely dangerous. My son went into heart and respiratory failure and spent 3 1/2 weeks in ICU. While I understand that many people...
Your dd sounds a lot like my son Liam. His feeding/aspiration issues actually led to us having to put in a feeding tube. He has hypotonia is different areas of his body due to a tentative dx of a mitochondrial disorder. We went through two years of extensive oral motor therapy and it helped immensely. He can now eat everything with no problem, unless he's ill.
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