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This pregnancy I have either been getting sick, sick or coming off of being sick:(  I spent the first 3 mo vomiting and the last 4 with every other typical head-cold/stomach bug known to man.  I am usually a very healthy person, never go to the Dr. for anything, eat well, take vits/herbs daily and exercise!  Was fine with first pregnancy why is this one so troublesome? 
At what age did you switch your child to a booster seat?  Our daughter will be 4 in December & is 42 in and 40 lbs and looks really big in her car seat. 
So I went to an acupuncturist a for a little dizzy situation I had a few weeks ago and everything turned out great.  He did suggest going back once a week for the last 4 weeks to help prepare for the birth.  We are having a home waterbirth and doing hypnobabies so this type of this is right our alley.  However I would rather not spend the out of pocket expence if its not really worth it.  What do you think?
She is doing just fine!  They have to be just bites, some bug got in her shirt and went to town!  Much smaller and less red as time goes by!  The other 2 symptoms just coincidences!  She has not complained once about them, if anything she is sick of me paying any attention to them.
So in the past 24 hrs my 3 yr old daughter had a bloody nose while going to the bathroom, has diarrhea and now I've discovered she has little red dots on her belly/back/butt.  No fever or other ill symptoms!  The rash is not like any pics I checked out on-line, they are red w/o any puss and they are spread out.  With that I've ruled out, chickenpox, hives, measles, poison oak/ivy, psoriasis, cocksaxie.  Looks more like acne/mosquito bites butt with the other 2 symptoms...
So for 5 day now I have not felt great.  I am @ 20 wks, 2nd baby having a home water birth.  I have had several dizzy spells, accompanied by headaches, feeling warm w/o fever and very tired.  My midwife thinks its my lower blood pressure and high hormones working against each other and need to be balanced, I'm going to an acupuncturist on Sunday!  Still eating and drinking plenty of water.  What do you think?
14 wks pregnant and my facial dermatitis is rearing its ugly head.  It started a yr ago after I had surgery and I get little flare ups here & there.  My dermatologist gave me topical steroid cream after the oral ones did not work at the time.  The cream works great, like over night cure!  But, now that I am pregnant should I be using it?  I use very little, less than the size of a pea and maybe every 2-3 months.  Would love to find a more natural cure if you have...
Baking soda in water, only thing that worked for me!
I started right when I my 3rd trimester did with my last pregnancy and I wish I had started sooner.  I found the CD's a great way to relax and calm your nerves about the pregnancy & birth.  FYI I also played the CD's during my entire 10 hr labor, again it really soothed me and kept me focused.  Just started my 2nd trimester and I am going to start them any day now, good luck:)
I remember liking Beck's non-alcoholic beer with my last pregnancy but would love other suggestions.  Would love a great brown non-alcoholic brew:)  I hate going to the beach & festivals and feeling left out of the party:(
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