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Quote: Originally Posted by mybabysmama Homebirth is legal. Don't know if there's a midwife in Safford. Vax exemptions are a signature. Breastfeeding is legal anywhere in public that the mother is legally allowed to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by tallulahma my research is telling me that the H1N1 is too new. also- i dont believe in vaccinating for things that are not deadly. I know that this flu is particularly bad... but the stats at the cdc website is not convincing enough for me personally to get the vax. In fact, H1N1 is so widespread in az that they are saying any case of flu is H1N1, esp if caught in august or september. my personal take on the flu is...
I can't help you out as I had 3 HB's, the last with Lisa, but wanted to wish you good luck! Can anyone out there help?
Quote: Originally Posted by sarahtdubb hey, if anybody reads this tonight... if you are going to Lisa's tomorrow and you have a mei-tei, would you bring it so I can try it on? I'm wondering if the straps will be easier to maneuver around my belly than my Beco waist clip. We've got a BabyHawk Mei Tai we're selling - let me know if any of you would like it. We're having a HUGE clearout of natural baby items, wooden toys, etc. including tons of...
Definitely try a nursing necklace - they can really help with all the pinching! Good luck!
Looks like this needs a BUMP! How is everyone doing? We're trying to clean out clutter and get rid of all our outgrown kiddy clothes, wooden toys, Swedish prams, babywearing gear....etc. etc. It's only 105F+ here....
Gosh - so much going on - I'm torn between the mud and the peaches!
We are worried about being judged, too, and have felt comfortable with all the early and later intervention people we have had in and out of the house over the years. They are concentrating on your child - not your house, beliefs, etc.
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