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hello out there :
Quote: Originally Posted by chick are you thinking about the flight or the driving? the 15 hours of flying
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonR Yesterday DD melted my heart. "Mommy, you are my BEST FRIEND." awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
We're going to have an 8 hour time difference this summer, so I'd love to have tips, too. :
Thanks for asking : It's lovely to have friends here : We're off to England, Wales, Ireland...for nearly 3 weeks. : any tips on travelling with a 2.5 yo would be MOST welcome!!!
Hello Everyone! It's MAY, can you believe it? Please come and chat and play with us ! We have a 147 (!!!) babies, and almost as many chatty mommas. Our little ones are walking, talking, and growing up so fast. They are riding bikes, speaking several languages, playing with their friends, swimming, and playing in the snow! Many now have little sisters and brothers, many do not, too. Some are sleeping through the night, and others are still waking up and up and...
great suggestions - we're going to be travelling this summer with our 2.5 year old...
Quote: Originally Posted by MidnightCommando lol. outta the mouths of babes huh? DDs procedure went great. She had one root canal and they were able to save the tooth by putting a porcelain cap on it. One hour after we were home she was wanting to jump off the couch so the anesthesia and/or pain did not affect her at all I wish we could heal that quick!!! Great!!!
: Here's what DD said to me last night: This is my book I can't read That's a problem
My 29mo DD loves Billy Bragg at this point. Pretty Cool. We all love him, actually, and she can name everyone's favourite Billy Bragg songs. : Check him out if you haven't heard him. She also loves Raffi, and so do we. With our 14yo DS she listens to classical, Billy Bragg with me and XTC with DH.
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