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Quote: Originally Posted by katiedidbug Hello, there, mamas. I haven't posted in months! Atticus is doing wonderfully. He's super vocal and is just super, super cute. We're going to be having another one in 2-3 weeks. We're having a homebirth, and I blew up the birth tub last night and just stared at it in disbelief at how quickly time flies! I'm nervous about navigating life with two, but I'm sure we'll be fine. Atticus seems to understand about...
It's my birthday today! ::: : I was going to go out for dinner with family but I've got this wretched cold...so I'll just postpone the celebrations for a few days Allison - DS, the little one and I are desperate to get to Scandanavia - can we meet you in Norway (if we don't get to Denmark)?
Quote: Originally Posted by gillibean We're buying a snowmobile today though so that's quite exciting. We should be able to get at least another month's use out of it. We'll also be able to get some firewood and tipi poles much more easily now so that will be nice. Sounds fun! We've had weather in the 90's F, and now we're in the cold 70's F :
Quote: Originally Posted by chick Ah - absolutely the other end of the country then! LOL! But we'll be in London and the southeast, too! :
Quote: Originally Posted by chick whereabouts do they live? Near Newcastle, on the Northeast coast, just south of Scotland. :
Quote: Originally Posted by chick Come to England and see us! I'd LOVE to! Grandma and grandpa live in England and have never seen DD!!!!!
I'd really welcome some grand summer plans. I'm planning on spending a few weeks in England and then taking the ferry over to Norway and then going to Denmark...or...spending a couple of weeks in Hawaii....or... spending a couple of weeks renting a beach house in Costa Rica....or...spending a few weeks in a cottage on Cape Cod...or...in Maine....:
Quote: Originally Posted by Snuzzmom I've asked to be added a couple of times... Ivan 11/15. Thank you! Done! :
I love March, too! It's my birthday month, as well! : Where is everyone else???? Come on mamas - update on you and your little ones! :
Hello Everyone! It's March, can you believe it? Please come and chat and play with us ! We have a 142 (!!!) babies, and almost as many chatty mommas. Our little ones are walking, talking, and growing up so fast. They are riding bikes, speaking several languages, playing with their friends, swimming, and playing in the snow! Many now have little sisters and brothers, many do not, too. Some are sleeping through the night, and others are still waking up and up...
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