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Quote: Originally Posted by boatbaby Can I play devil's advocate? I think on of the things that rubs me the wrong way about the lists of "must have" Waldorf toys are the brand names that go along with them. Why do the wooden animals have to be Holztiger? Why do the stackers have to be Speil & Holz? And why do people feel compelled to always mention the brand name of their wooden toys? To me, it's just as bad as saying "My Nike shoes." or "My son's Ralph...
Quote: Originally Posted by blumom2boyz I know they are starting a school in Asheville. Not sure if this is what you were coming across. They plan on being a K-8, with the first kindy class this fall. http://azaleamountain.org/ There are several Waldorf-inspired schools in Asheville. Besides Azalea Mountain, there's also the Little Round Schoolhouse, Dandelion Hill, and Grow With Me. It's so cool that there is such a great community here!
Quote: Originally Posted by Angelorum We used to sing this song when I was a kid I sometimes wish there was a "Like" button as in Facebook.
I was lucky enough to snag a aiska poncho on sale. I'm not sure they're being sold in the US anymore. It seems that all the retailers were selling their stock. Anyway... It's super warm and so nice to be all cozy while babywearing!
Thanks for the advice and suggestions! The thing is that my DD doesn't play with her Little People sets too much, but does play with her friend's wooden dollhouse & furniture. She has a little fabric treehouse with bunnies that she plays with more. So I'm thinking of replacing the things she doesn't really play with. And the fact that I have another daughter makes it easier to accept the investment. Personally, *I* like the wooden toys better. I'm more inclined to play...
My 3.5yo DD is about to start a Waldorf-inspired preschool next week and we're SUPER excited. It's in a yurt! While wooden toys have always intrigued me, I confess that I've bought plastic ones at consignment stores because they're just so much cheaper. (Plastic kitchen at $10 is really hard to pass up!) But now that DD is starting this school, I really want to purge and start over. So, before I drop a wad of cash on beautiful & durable wooden toys (especially a...
I've only froggied my DD2's legs a handful of times. Most of the time, her legs are out & has been that way since she was a newborn. She's 14weeks old now.
Quote: Originally Posted by tippy yay! ok, i went ahead and created the group on FB (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=100757036649147). it's called MDC May 2010 Mamas, in case the link doesn't work (but i can chg the name - and mamas from other ddc's are welcome to join) right now the group is private (members have to be approved), but i can open it up if you ladies want. i just wanted to make sure that no crazies joined. just let me...
I kept all of mine (and glad I did) and buy more! Now that I have baby#2, I am branching out into wovens. I might parse down my stash, but then again -- probably not! LOL. Hi. I'm Michelle and I'm a babywearing addict. :\
After my first DD was born, I didn't have AF for 18 wonderful months. Last week, I had what appeared to be spotting for 4-5 days. I was wondering if it could have been AF.
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