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My DD hated it, too. She's 4wo today and has been more tolerant of diaper changes in the past few days. Whether that's because the weather turned warmer and/or she realized I wasn't trying to kill her, I just don't know. One thing I have learned with babies is that the reality today might be the polar opposite tomorrow or next week.
I'm sorry that the beginning of your birthing experience didn't go well, but your story had me in tears of joy at the end! Way to go, mama! Lots of hugs!
My milk came in quickly, too. And we just got back from her 2 week ped appt & Fiona has already gained 1lb, 1oz from her birth weight!!!
Kellymom also has a Forum -- might want to check that out, too. http://forum.kellymom.net Good luck!
I'm just curious to know your situation regarding work and how much time you are taking off (or getting off) of work. Some of us are WOHM, WAHM, SAHM, etc. And I'm also curious if your DH or SO is able to take any time off. For my previous birth, I was able to take off 16 weeks for maternity leave, although I was not paid the whole time: I had to use vacation and sick leave that I had saved, and take some time off without pay. And my DH was in school and could only...
Sometimes, Baby gets lazy about nursing. I'm constantly chanting "Big, Big, Big" when we're trying to latch. Check out this site for info: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/bas...resources.html
With my first DD, I would nurse for 45minutes at a time for the first few weeks. Some babies are just slower nursers than other. I know it can be frustrating for you. One of the best days of my life was the day I figured out how to nurse while wearing baby in a sling. I had 2 hands free and could walk around. It was so liberating. I felt like a rockstar goddess!! Good luck!
Hang in there ladies! I swear, our anxiety is all about the "due date" which is truly an estimation, at best! If it became normal in the World of Obstetrics (and ACOG!) to make the due date 2 or 3 weeks later than it currently is, I think we'd have a lot more healthy babies not pulled out for being "past due" and a lot more happy mamas who wouldn't be all fretting about being "late". I know how hard it is to wait -- it's the height of annoyance. The babies WILL come out....
I'm having some really intense uterine cramping whenever I nurse. I know it's good to stop the bleeding & to make my uterus contract to its original size, but Oh. My. God! It's just really hard to deal with.
Jennifer Berezen: Returning This is a quote from the Neolithia Foundation: Recorded in the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum at Hal Saflieni, Malta. A 6000 year old Goddess temple made for sound. http://www.neolithiafoundation.org/JenniferBerezan.html Samples can be heard here.
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