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When I was pregnant the last time, I just remember that "real" contractions were much more intense. Like, OH! This is a REAL contraction. I've been having my share of BH for the past week or two, but I'm having them A LOT today. And I keep wondering if they're "real" ctx, but maybe my pain tolerance is higher. LOL. Like I'm going to all-of-a-sudden just pop the baby out. Wishful thinking. Are the BH supposed to be dilating &/or effacing the cervix? I can't remember. :/
Congrats and hugs to the you and your family!
That's awesome that she was so genuinely caring!! (((hugs)))
I have the opposite. People are asking me when the baby is due (in 5 days) and then they tell me that the baby hasn't dropped. I just look at them with a blank look or smile and stare. I mean, what am I supposed to do about that? And, fwiw, my DD never dropped before labor.
PES seems perfectly fine. My DH had picked "Claire" as a middle name, but that would make her initials FCC and I just didn't like it. So we settled on Maeve instead to make her initials FMC.
Quote: Originally Posted by organicpapayamama Add me to the pissy club. I'm very irritable and ds is getting on my nerves. This is so not typical of me or ds. Poor thing. I need to remind myself that it's me the crazy hormonal woman, not ds. Yeah. Me too. Crabby. But it's hard to be all cheerful when you feel HUGE and your innards are all crampy.
I got my Fishy Pool last week. It's about 3/4 blown up. I'm letting it off-gas for now in a closed room so my 3yo DD doesn't get all involved with it, as is wont to happen.
I like Morgan Claire. It's feminine and a little bit edgy. Cool choice.
Thanks for everyone's input. It seems that Frank McCourt pronounces the name to rhyme with "save": http://www.babynamesofireland.com/pa...names-i-m.html
Quote: Originally Posted by brooklyn_warbler i have to admit 4/28 (full moon), 5/1 (may day), and 5/5 (cinco de mayo; also 5+5=10) have all been on my radar since early pregnancy as cool dates. which probably means i'll give birth on none of them, lol. LOL indeed. I, too, thought all those dates would be cool and realize that the likelihood of them happening are very remote. :\
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