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Here is DH with DS at a couple of weeks, we call this sling the "white wizzard" it puts him to sleep every time. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobend/...7594051091448/ Here is DS and I just waiting for the muni. He was 6 months, and we loved our moby at that time. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobend/...7594051091448/ Here is our ring sling at 9 months http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobend/...7594051091448/ Now he is 12 months, and we live in our Ergo.
The only thing that works for me is a neti pot. Which is basically a ceramic pot designed to pour saline into your nostrils, really irrigating the sinuses. They are for sale at many health food stores, including Whole Foods.
I agree to make sure it's not yeast. We blowdry DS's butt so it's perfectly dry before diping him. Also, we found that most zinc ointment just wiped off onto his dipe. The only one we have found that stays on so far is "La petite Chevre" that we got at Whole Foods. 40 percent Zinc. Really thick. It's perfumed though, and I didn't realize that until I had bought it. Confession.. I secretly like the smell!! It smells like baby. And I rationalize using a perfumed cream...
OMG! I have always thought that once I had a baby I would morph into a domestic Goddess and my floors would shine, etc. NOT SO! I get so embarrassed in front of our babysitter, that she has to watch him in this....mess. She assures me the other family's homes are just as bad. You just can't do it all. Pick one task per day, or one room that always looks good.
Right here with ya. If DS only wakes ever 2 hours we are in heaven! It's been the every hour nurse fest that makes me crazy. Right. Left. Right. Left. I just tell myself, that this will pass......And when we have a good night, or when he wakes up with a big smile, it's all worth it.
It's hard to hear about CIO, especially from well meaning mothers and friends. I have been in a similar position. I'm so passionate about not CIO, and it just blows me away to hear that people still do it. I've wondered, wow, if we are so far apart on this issue, can we relate to each other at all? Maybe she will change her mind, and maybe she will be more influenced by you than you think. Just remember how many books are out there that say it's ok, and if you feel...
And then ask yourself, even she has all of the "right" answers, "Do I want this person at my most intimate moment?" Your intuition will shout out Yes! or No!
Maybe she wasn't really thinking about what she was saying, and just expressing her excitement and love. If she was serious, she may need someone to explain that you don't want that. Things were done differently when she had children. If she is pushy and will make you uncomfortable, than I'd consider having her not be at the birth.
This is why I love this forum. I had never even thought of this before, as as an L&D nurse, we always slap a hat on after the birth. But after reading this last night, I skipped the had with the baby born this morning. And it was lovely, mamas hand went right there. And the baby's temp was fine, the exact temp of her mom. Thanks for this post!
I was advised to put honey and nori seaweed in my wound. Honey is an antibacterial agent and both promote healing. Similar thing happened to me.... ouch! But congrats otherwise!
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