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My son plays in his as well, but I have no dd to compare it with. He stores his cars, books, and other things on the shelves and likes to sit inside and have his own space. Also, he naturally likes things organized in an orderly way, so it was a nice piece of furniture for storage as well as play.
Planning on ttc in mid 2008 here. My toddler is pretty active and I'm planning on a minor career change by then, so now is out of the question. Although it seems so far off, 2008 will be here before we know it!
The mother ease air flows are very trim and worked when my guy was a newborn. Of course, he was 8 1/2 pounds!
I love it! always have used it orally, but the other night I gave a cranky toddler a foot massage with the cream, and it did wonders! Also, it works for pets and plants. When my son was a baby I would just put a drop on his forehead.
We use a diaper service, and thank God every minute for it! Every once in awhile I think about washing our own, but then realize that we are so busy and taxed out that it is worth it to just have someone wash the dipes. If I had a different life situation I would wash, but for now, the service works. Many people swear by using the service for a newborn who is going through as many as 80 dipes a week, and washing their own when the poop slows down, so there is an idea...
We were told in nursing school that this method of birth control is one of the best kept secrets, because it is actually an effective method. (Keeping in mind that no method is 100%) The problem with listing it as such is that the couple and expecially the man must know their bodies very well, making it not a good choice for teens and non monogamous couples. The pregnancies that result from this method are almost always because of not withdrawling or being too late. ...
Yup, mine does this too, and I read in a book somewhere that it was normal. I don't remember which book it was, but I wish I could because I'd like to find out why.
A baby that young needs to nurse in the night, and it sounds like you are doing what you need to do for you all to sleep comfortably. It's possible that she doesn't wake fully because she doesn't need to, as her needs are met already.
Just now at 15 months. I tried earlier, but he was not ready.
My 15 month old son fights sleep like crazy. He doesn't sit still for sleepy time activities, or even nursing at first. I put him in the ergo after a bath and either wear him on my back for awhile, or wear him in the front and nurse in the ergo while singing. After he is either asleep or very sleepy, I put him to bed and nurse him to sleep. It works for me very well getting him down, it's the staying down that we have issues with. Good luck with your active guy!
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