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Wallaces mom, how frustrating for you, but how wonderful that he is not having to sleep in pee all night long. Hope you can get some rest! We are still wanting to do a late start, but stopped for awhile due to ds not sitting still on the potty, and ds crying when taken to the potty. Also nakey time has been reduced due to the sheer amount of bms he has been having lately.... on the floor. Needing to start again, darn diaper rash is back. Wish me luck!
spores......... ew!
Our upstairs neighbors wear heavy boots and when they are home the whole apt shakes and rattles. I think they have a pogo stick too, well it sounds like it.
Happy Birthday to Isaac! I love my glamourmom tanks. I find the support to be there and they are handy during the cold months. There are times you want to nurse and keep your tummy covered, kwim? I googled glamourmom and several sites came up. Earthy birthy mom (?) accepts paypal. Enjoy! oh, and I find that they run small, so order a size bigger than you would normally.
Noah is 14 months and a horrible sleeper. We put him down around 8, and he takes several rounds of "maintenance" to keep him down. Like hour or so. He fights sleep. Still looking for a solution or for this "phase" to end. Tired always.
We use our Ergo as part of our bedtime routine. DS is so active, it's the only thing that will hold him still enough to sleep besides nursing. I just toss him on my back, and clean the house until he passes out or gets close and I can nurse him down. Is that bad? I guess whatever works, right?
Two+twins, your play room is cute but those babes are even cuter! Will post my playroom soon, still waiting for the playstand to arrive!
I love all of these responses! That statement is so annoying, and I'm getting ready to hear it more and more. It's like people want to feel witty or something when they say it, usually without any actual thought backing it up.
Ideally, we would take the fenugreek until out supply was up, and than stop and it would stay up. This is what is supposed to happen, but it has not been my experience. I take 15 per day (!) It helps, and I see a decrease in supply when I don't take them. Also, water consumption is not "supposed" to make a difference, but it does for me. I make sure I drink my 8 glasses.
: I have a pair that smells too. Makes my bathroom smell like a barn. Whew! Any tips would be appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: